Need To Hire an Undercover Surveillance Agent

Need To Hire an Undercover Surveillance Agent

It’s not uncommon for situations to arise which demand the services of a private investigator for undercover surveillance. These matters usually involve situations related to law enforcement, civil court order enforcement, child custody investigations, infidelity in marriages and relationships, and embezzlement investigations. Due to the gravity of these situations, a licensed professional private detective may be an order.

Sometimes, Private Eyes are Needed

Snooping is Legitimate

The purpose of this blog post is to let people know there are legitimate reasons to snoop and keep an eye of folks and a right way to do it. For more information, I strongly recommend contacting an experienced private eye.

Kiddy Porn Cases & Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

Kiddy Porn Cases & Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

Any Houston criminal defense lawyer will tell you, possession of a child pornography is a serious felony criminal offense in the state of Texas. Under section 43.26 of the Texas Penal Code, an individual is considered guilty if he or she knowingly possesses visual material of an underage engaging in sexual performance. An underage, in this case, is a person aged below 18 years.

Possession also refers to manufacturing, selling, distribution, lending, mailing or any form of dissemination of child porn. Sexual performance, on the other hand, entails both intercourse and exhibition of a child’s sexual organs. The visual material can either be in the form of photos, videotapes, films and any media that can be used to store images or videos.

What are The Penalties?

Possession of Child Pornography: A Felony

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The state of Texas and the Federal government prohibit and condemn the use of children aged 18 and below in any form of sexual performance. As a result, possession of child pornography is charged as a second-degree felony. And, it can carry a sentence of 2 to 20 years in a state prison. You can also be penalized a fine of up to $10,000.

The penalties tend to be more severe if the child involved is below the age of 14 years. This is regarded as a first-degree felony, and the sentence can range from 5 to 99 years. You should also know that all sex crimes do require one to register as a sex offender if found guilty.

If found in possession of 6 or more copies of child pornography, the law assumes that the individual had the intent to distribute the material. Moreover, a parent or guardian who gives consent for a child to engage in sexual performance, he or she can also be punished as per the Texas laws.

A Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

Fight Back Against Texas Criminal Child Pornography Allegations!

Being convicted of possession of child pornography can impact your social life, family, and career. This is why if you have been charged with possession or distribution of child pornography, you ought to contact a Houston criminal defense lawyer to help you salvage your reputation. Lack of knowledge and intent are some of the few defenses that can be used to plead innocent to your case.

Cocaine, Legal Usage, & Texas Criminal Law

Cocaine, Legal Usage, & Texas Criminal Law

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant obtained from the coca plant. The coca plant originated from Peru and Bolivia and after the discovery of its benefits in terms of therapy in the early 1990s, the plant was pharmaceutically processed in to a pure form of cocaine hydrochloride chemical which was used in making over-the-counter drugs used by many families for medication. Cocaine is classified as a Schedule II drug under the Controlled Substance Act. This indicates how likely the drug is to be abused but also be used for legitimate medication purposes. In surgeries, cocaine is used as a local anesthesia.

Cocaine usage in Texas

One of the most reliable firms in providing statistical data concerning drug abuse in the U.S, The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) in its report in 2013 indicated that one month before submission of the report there were over 1.5 million cocaine users in the 12+ group. From the report, it was deduced that the rate of cocaine use in 2013 was lower than the rates for 2002-2007. The report also showed that in 2013 alone over 600,000 people in the 12+ group were first time users of the drug.

A 66-pound bundle of cocaine whose estimated street value was at $3.5 million was retrieved by lifeguards on the beach in Galveston in May 2015. The bundle had a dolphin stamp indicating it belonged to the Gulf Coast Mexican drug cartel. Although no information or cause had been reported, the bundles suggested that there might have been a mishap in the sea as it was the sixth one to be recently washed up on the Galveston beach.

As of 2014 as indicated by a survey conducted in the University of Texas at Austin, the rate of cocaine consumption had dropped from the previous years. The decline was largely attributed to the circumstances surrounding its distribution. The research data also indicated that the wane in cocaine supply was due to the increased demand in Europe and a drop in its production in South America. Also, the induction of levamisole, a chemical which dilutes the purity of cocaine making it less desirable on the street might have contributed to the decrease in number of its users. Other than the many losses cocaine can bring, the ultimate loss is death. 411 deaths were recorded in 2013 as cocaine related poisoning. A majority of the victims of deaths arising from cocaine poisoning were averagely 46 years old.

Texas laws on cocaine

Being in possession, selling or trafficking of cocaine is considered a felony throughout the United States as well as under the federal law. In Texas, the amount of drugs at issue is used to determine the penalties for being in possession of the drugs. The penalties range from a jail term to monetary fines. However, it is considered a felony to be in possession of any amount of cocaine. Even if it is less that 1 gram of the drug, one might end up being sentenced to two years imprisonment. Those who are caught in possession of over 200 grams might end up spending up to 99 years in prison. However, first time cocaine offenders are offered diversion programs in exchange for dropping of charges in some counties within Texas.

The Seriousness of White Collar Crimes

The Seriousness of White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are generally nonviolent offenses that involve dishonesty, corruption, misrepresentation, deception, and/or monetary losses for fraudulent purposes. These offenses often occur in connection with a business, government functions, and/or business transactions, which can be committed by public officials, elected representatives, business professionals, government employees, entrepreneurs, and/or civilian contractors. However, it’s important to note that anyone can face this type of allegation. Any Texas criminal lawyer with experience knows that these are some of the toughest cases to win because the government doesn’t play fair.

When someone commits this type of crime, a financial motive and fraudulent activity are usually involved. These accusations are serious and the resulting charges can carry severe penalties, including significant fines and lengthy prison sentences. Both state and federal authorities may prosecute these offenses.

It’s important to mention that some offenses have different names when tried in state court, as opposed to the federal level. For instance, theft is often classified as embezzlement in Texas. That being said, here’s a quick overview of three common white collar crimes frequently committed in Texas.

Common White Collar Crimes

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  1. Bribery–This offense involves the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of goods and/or compensation to influence the actions of a business or an individual who holds a legal or public duty. This represents a white collar offense in which both the briber and payee could be criminally charged.
  2. Computer & Internet Fraud–This type of offense is a form of cybercrime and it utilizes a PCU, as well as an Internet connection, to misrepresent data to either encourage or discourage another to do something that can result in financial and/or another form of loss (e.g. hacking, phishing, personal data breach, identity theft, etc.).
  3. Embezzlement–This crime involves the theft, or misappropriation, of funds or property placed in someone’s trust or belonging to an employer (past or present). This offense is considered embezzlement whether someone holds onto the ill-gotten goods or transfers the gains to another entity or third party.

Additional forms of white collar crimes could include health care fraud, tax evasion, insurance fraud, money laundering, corporate fraud, credit card fraud, bankruptcy fraud, bank fraud, and/or other types of corruption that can lead to monetary gain or benefit. The FBI claims these types of offenses account for monetary losses of over $300 billion annually within the U.S. alone. Furthermore, with the advent of the technological age, it’s a form of crime that’s increasing exponentially and the culprits linked to committing these offenses are often atypical and permeate all walks of life.

The Seriousness of White Collar Crimes

Texas Sex Crimes – A Real Experience

Texas Sex Crimes – A Real Experience

Texas Sex Crimes

There are many definitions that explain sex crimes. However, the general definition of a sex crime is being involved in either illegal or coerced sexual conduct against another person. Different states have different laws that control sex crimes. In the same way, there are different types of sex crimes, including aggravated sex assault, online solicitation of a minor, sexual performance by a child and indecency with a child amongst many others. Anybody convicted of any type sex crime is a sexual offender.

The sex crimes in Texas

Like most states, any type of sexual assault is a crime and there are strict laws set to govern that. A sexual offender is a criminal like any other and has a right to free and fair trial and a representation of a lawyer just like any other case.

Even though sex crimes are wrongdoings, it does not prevent people from assaulting others either physically or online. Here is an example of a man wanted for sexual offense in Texas.

About Kevin Waddell

This is the latest sexual offender who has made his way into the top ten most wanted men in Texas. Authorities in Texas think the man has ties to the Austin areas and that he lives in Lakeway. However, in recent reports by the department of safety, they believe that Kevin Waddell, who is a wanted man since September 2015, may have already fled the state.

Kevin has been a sex criminal ever since 1992 where he was first convicted of sexually assaulting a middle-aged woman in Potter County. Not only was he convicted for failure to comply with sex offender registration, but also possession of illegal substance and parole violation.

Kevin is a 6-foot-1 man, and on his left shoulder, legs, chest and backside, he has several tattoos. In addition to that, the 200-pound man worked in industry dealing in metal fabrication and welding. Today, there is a bounty of up to $3000 hanging on a man otherwise known as “Kevin Brewster”. Any person who will provide valid information that will lead to his capture goes home with this cash.

The public is warned however that Kevin is not a friendly person and some of his other crimes include resisting arrest, drunk driving and physical assaults. Generally, the suspected lies under the category of armed and dangerous.

Are there other similar cases in Texas?

Yes, there are many other similar cases of wanted sexual offenders in the state. Kevin is only one of the top 10 most wanted criminals meaning there are many others who might not have appeared in the list but are still dangerous. According to one famous lawyer in Texas, sex crimes are reported almost daily. In other cases, the victims are afraid of coming forward and the cases end up not filed at all.

Recently, the people of Texas were outraged by the case of an online solicitation of a minor. According to the lawyer, it is clear that sexual offenders are part of the society and should be rooted out in all ways possible.


Like in any other state, there are laws that govern people against sex crimes in Texas. However, there still exists a large number of sexual offenders in the state. There is even a list of the top ten most wanted sexual criminals. The online solicitation of a minor by Kevin is the latest incident and the authorities are doing all they can to cub the vice.

Tobacco Smuggling In Houston

Tobacco Smuggling In Houston

The Tax Foundation have recently released figures that show that over a quarter of cigarettes that are sold in Texas have been smuggled in by people who are trying to avoid the high taxes that should be paid on tobacco products.

Texas, 6th in Smoking, New York is…

Texas is the 6th highest stare in terms of cigarette smuggling but is still some way behind the state at the top of the list which is New York. Over half of the cigarettes sold here have been smuggled in, 55% to be precise. This does seem to suggest that the higher the taxes are, the more prevalent smuggling is.

Beating the State

People who buy cigarettes that they know have been smuggled into the stare may try to tell themselves that it is a victimless crime but this is not actually the case. The customer may not actually make that much of a saving when compared to the price that they would normally pay. Less taxes that are collected by the state also means that there is less money to spend on things such as education and healthcare.

Lower Taxes Are Good!

This is clearly a problem that needs to be addressed but the way forward is not as clear as it might be. Lower taxes might mean that there is less demand for smuggled products but it has been shown that higher taxes do act as a deterrent to smokers and therefore this is something that really needs to be kept in place.

The other problem is that law enforcement in Houston and other Texan cities already find themselves over-stretched. With limited resources available the task of identifying a smuggling ring and putting an end to its operation may be something that is out of reach. A specialist team would probably be needed but a lot of police departments just do not have the money or the manpower to make this a reality.

Cocaine Offenses

Cocaine Offenses

In Houston, possession of a even a seemingly minor amount of cocaine is tantamount to reasoning for a stiff prison sentence. Regardless of how small the amount, possession of cocaine is a felony crime in Texas.

Although a felony offense, there are levels to the severity of the criminal charge. The level of severity is largely contingent on the amount of the drug the defendant is “allegedly” connected with, and if whether or not the defendant has any previous criminal history.

The stakes are raised even more if the defendant has any form of criminal history that suggests habitual criminal behavior of the same kind. For example: a second cocaine offense and the presiding Harris County judge may throw that proverbial book at you.

Don’t Play Games With Prosecutors

Don’t Play Games With Prosecutors

When a person is accused of a criminal offense they’ll often pause in fright at the potential for jail time, and jump at the first deal prosecutors offer them. We recommend that you relax, and contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer to guide you through the process of making the tough decisions. Tad A. Nelson, Jack B. Carroll, Ned Barnett, David Breston, Dane Johnson and Sandra Oballe are among the top criminal lawyers in the region. If they aren’t able to take your case be sure to ask them for a referral. Nothing beats legal representation by the best lawyer other than having the best attorney refer you to a trusted colleague.

Take it from me, don’t make deals with prosecutors. You’ll lose. It’s their job.

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