Experience is the Best Defense

Experience is the Best Defense

When a person is accused of a serious criminal offense in Houston or Texas as a whole, their freedom is on the line, their life goes into an immediate tailspin, and if they’re innocent, they’ll spend their last dime for the best criminal defense lawyer they can find.

And they should.

Freedom is one of those concepts that most folks take for granted until a judge is sitting at the top on the bench looking down on them preparing to rule. If you’re on the losing end of that ruling, Harris County judges will drop the gavel with no hesitation, and you’ll be on the bus headed to a prison facility operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to serve whatever time was ordered by the court.

Finding the Best Lawyer For Your Case

Often, we might hear about a lawyer being the “best” in the business. The question one must ask is, “In which part of the business are they most experienced?” Criminal law is a broad segment of the bar which includes cases ranging from minor misdemeanor marijuana possession cases to federal criminal defense on up to capital murder cases. The best lawyer in Houston for drunk driving offenses might not be a choice selection for defending a man that was falsely accused of sexual assaulting a young girl. A lawyer that’s experienced with the type of case that you have, is the best choice. Attorney Mark W. Bennett of Bennett & Bennett, Houston Criminal-Defense Lawyers is a highly respected lawyer with top ratings on multiple attorney rating services, but he’s not in denial about not being the best lawyer for “every” case.

In fact, he even lists other lawyers on his website that he might recommend to person’s in need of a sharp lawyer when he himself is too busy to provide legal representation to would-be clients. If you’re interested in visiting his website, a link to it is in the map below. If you need to talk to Mark about a legal matter, call 713-224-1747.

“Houston’s Top Lawyer Got Me 30 Years”

Don’t be the person that makes statements like this. If you’re facing criminal charges then it’s best to meet with an experienced attorney, ask them about whether or not they’ve defended individuals facing charges similar to yours, and how they fared in those campaigns.

Was “Houston’s Top Lawyer” Experienced Enough?

Again, sometimes the best attorney for one section of the law could be a disastrous choice for your type of case. Take for example these DWI lawyers who specialize in drunk driving cases; they shouldn’t be trusted with any case that doesn’t involve drunk driving. After all, they’ve optimized their career for those cases and would probably be lost defending a person accused of a multi-faceted RICO violation that’s being pursued by the federal government.

When your freedom is on the line, conducting due diligence on your counsel could mean the difference between life in the free-world and life in prison. This is especially true in Texas.